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Latex 3100 - stains on canvas

#1 MarcinZ 10 months ago

Hi, I encounter a strange problem when printing on canvas. I am not sure if it is media fault or printer settings. Especially on dark colours after printing I can notice regular stains which looks like a texture. I attach some photos. The media is Berger Canvas Matisse. I will appreciate any ideas what is the cause and how to solve it.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 10 months ago

Hi @MarcinZ,

We have checked the PrintOS Media Locator to see if the Berger Canvas Matisse is available to download as specific media preset for the L3100 unit. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

Here are some recommendations we can suggest:

  1. The printer should be properly calibrated (recommended to load a SAV an select Generic SAV Media preset).

  2. Perform a Nozzle Check print printing Printhead status plot.

  3. If the status of the PHs is bad, perform Check & Clean or, if are not recovered totally, use the Hard Cleaning functionality of the PHs affected. If needed, replace the PHs with new one/ones.

  4. Perform an Automatic Printhead Alignment to ensure a good printhead alignment performance.

  5. After these calibrations show a correct performance, load the Berger Canvas Matisse media as a Generic Canvas Media_Clone cloned from the Generic Canvas Preset.

  6. After that, perform a Media Advance Calibration to ensure that the media advance is the proper one.

  7. Perform CLC Color Calibration. It’s important to perform this calibration because it’s media dependent and, with this calibration, we ensure the correct color accuracy and stability in the production.

Looking at the IQ issue you reported, the pictures you shared showed an issue called “impinging marks”. This issue appears in certain substrates and it’s related to excessive curing airflow setting, especially in the curing module.

Let me summarize the recommendations to troubleshoot this issue in the Print Mode settings:

  1. Decrease curing airflow in -10% iterations until the issue it’s mitigated. Reducing by -10% is the best % to see the signal of improvement.

  2. If it’s not enough, you could reduce the ink density a bit. Less quantity of ink helps to mitigate also this kind of impinging marks.

  3. Another option that we recommend, as the last option, and if the other settings applied are not enough, is to set the output curing module to the second opening position. Like this, the curing module is 5 cm approx. opened from the main position and could help to mitigate this issue.

If you are still facing the issue after all these recommendations, I suggest contacting your support representative for advanced troubleshooting.

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#3 larryellison211116668 8 months ago

This problem is most likely caused by the nozzle or the printer having not been adjusted or maintained for a long time. The first thing is to maintain and calibrate the printer geometry dash bloodbath Check the nozzle Use automatic cleaning and automatic tip alignment

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