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Poster App: Max Dimensions?

#1 hub2000 7 years ago


i love very much the WallArt Designer.

To get this all working i have two requests:

  1. To be able to put maximum dimensions for a poster into the preferences - i do not want to tile posters, i want just to use max dimension of my printer
  2. To be able to select the appropriate mounting instruction, my posters are for example self adhesive. Its better to be able to upload an own instruction or to disable the function best regards


#2 HP-MarcM 7 years ago

Hi hub2000,

Nice to hear that you like the HP WallArt Suite.Unfortunately right now Posters Application doesn't have an option to set constrained sizes that will forbid end-users to create posters that could exceed the printer width. However we take into consideration your request in order to include it in our future versions of HP WallArt.

By the other hand, right now mounting instructions are sent just in case the end-user want to receive them at the end of the process, by clicking on an option on the checkout. The option to show the instructions can't be disabled right now however we could consider to allow PSP to disable it in order to prevent any wrongly installations of a product by end-users.

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#3 hub2000 7 years ago

Hello Marc,

thanks a lot for your response. When do you think next releases are planned?

On the one hand i see HP is promoting very strong the wall art solution and i think there is a potential, on the other hand i do expect quite quick reaction from HP to customer wishes for this solution. I believe only in this way you will get a market penetration.

Both features i asked are in fact a "no go item". Customers of us will not accept instructions which are not appliccable (and will give negaztive feedback and so on...) . And we cannot send whatever dimension a customer wants, this is not effecient (and we want to earnn money).

So my question is. is There actually an iterative way of working between customer and HP to optimise HP wall art solution, or is this a thing of waiting for months? Is there a roadmap?

Based on this we can plan what to do or not to do.

best regards, hub2000

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