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Printing white fade to nothing on clear film

#1 DSIPTYLTD 9 months ago

Hi Friends, I'm trying to produce a sample for a client that is a white printed base that fades up to clear on a clear film.

I am clearly missing something, and I'm going around in circles.

I'm working with an HP700w and Onyx.

I've used the wsp version of the driver, but it just does a block of white, ignoring the fade.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm running Corel software.

#2 richardfoxmx6357716426 9 months ago

It's likely that you'll need to do some test prints to fine-tune the settings and achieve the desired fade effect. Adjust the printer settings incrementally myccpay until you achieve the desired result. Keep in mind that the specific steps and settings may vary depending on the version of your Onyx software and the capabilities of your HP700w printer. Refer to the user manuals for both the printer and the software for detailed instructions tailored to your equipment and software version.

If you encounter any specific issues or if your printer and software have unique features, it may be helpful to contact HP or Onyx support for assistance with this particular project.

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 9 months ago


As per the data shared, we are not sure about the issue you are facing.

My suggestion is to have a look at the attached White Ink Workflow Guide - HP Latex 700W, 800W, and R Series Printers.

With these guidelines, you can have a clear workflow for the HP L700W and prepare the jobs depending on the RIP you use.

Hope it helps.

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