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Random bands of print misalignment causing horizontal blurry print sections

#1 helena17108 4 months ago

My previous post on here disappeared, so I'm going to try my best to re-write all of it!

We've had a second hand HP Latex 360 for a little over a year. For the last month we've been getting unpredictable issues which seem to happen randomly. We have done all of the printhead alignment (automatic and manual), colour calibration, and we've even had a maintenance man down twice from the company that we purchased it from. We get the impression that he doesn't know what the exact issue is, and has cleaned a few parts, replaced a load of printheads (although they were firing fine on all the tests) and I think he's replaced some 'band'?

We were hoping to get some advice on here, as I wasn't able to find any forums covering the same issues that we've been experiencing. I'll attach a few images to help demonstrate the issue. The horizontal bands seem to happen randomly. They occur in the print horizontally & then fix itself for a while & then reoccur further down the print.

IMG 8981 - Example of some labels printed on the far left of the printer next to some large prints (see next image). The blurry line expanded across the whole print & then corrected itself IMG 8981 - You can see what the misalignment does to solid colours, it creates a bigger grain and 'separation'. Once this print job was tethered to the take-up roll it didn't reoccur. Whether this has an impact on it, we can't say for sure, as we've had prints come out with small banding even when attached to the take-up roll IMG 8998 - Example that occurred in a print calibration (blurry line within the light magenta box & all over the black). This resulted in not being able to scan IMG 8997 - The reprint colour calibration after above, now the front boxes printed wrong and the second boxes were fine, this was able to successfully calibrate IMG 8609 - You can see what the issue is doing within a print job. It's causing some of the text to be blurry.

One of the comments on our original post was about the paper feed / sensor. Can you re-post your instructions for this please? We've printed the substrate advance plot several times (get different results) but we never seem to get the 'textbook' results & are unsure why it's not printing as it should. I will post some images below. Our maintenance man was shown these but just said that this process was automatically calibrated...

#2 helena17108 4 months ago

IMG 8588 - 5th October IMG 8590 - 5th October (obviously after some tinkering? Which made it worse) IMG 9006 - 18th October (after the two visits from the maintenance man)

I'm not sure how we should read these plots as none of them produce a clear result to read?


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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 months ago

Hi @helena17108,

I think there was an error causing the post to be removed because of its length. I have checked again with our team internally and the suggestion is to contact the support representative. At this stage we can't troubleshoot anymore, someone needs to come on-site to verify the service calibrations and HW parts concerning the media path subsystem.

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#4 helena17108 4 months ago

Hello, many thanks for your reply! Are you able to forward the original instructions you suggested regarding the cleaning of the sensor? We are yet to try this.

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#5 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 months ago

Hi @helena17108,

Here it is:

The issue is not the printheads, as it has to do with the advance direction, it can be related to the omas / rewinder or Tur.

Here are the recommendations for troubleshooting:

Ensure you are using the correct OMS related to the generic Family and check if you are using a media Brand published on the media Locator. Check and clean the OMAS sensor window (see image 1). Perform the substrate check plot (see images 2 and 3).

Please advise the support representative comment if the issue is being faced in all media or in this particular media. With this information, they could discard a HW problem or media problem.

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#6 davidlouis18039317346 3 months ago

The simplest problem here is that the support department cannot respond to all our requests because sometimes there are language differences.

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