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Re: HP WallArt

#181 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

Hello @ActAdmin

I am glad you have been contacted by the Wallart Support Center and you are working on the solution. You have made your point about the FAQ document and I am sure we are going to create something similar.

Please do not hesitate to contact this forum if you have further questions.

#182 Walldesign56 4 years ago

Hi Marc, Dear HP Support Desk.

We have been using your HP Wallart software since 2015 with great success and we love it. However we need to adress a serious problem which causes us to loose business. Since a few months we have noticed that the prints that we produce in Wallart mainly for Wallpaper visually show more pixels than before. We have had a significant ncrease of customer complaints for bad quality of the print in the last 3 months and we never had this problem before. We of course know the theory of pixels and the quality of input. However the surprising result of our study is that the input of the FOTO is EXACTLY the same, however the output from Wallart now is different. Please see attached two images which we are selling frequently. This is a screenshot of a corner of the picture of a forest. You can clearly see the difference. One is processed in Wallart more than 1 year ago. The other I processed today in Wallart. It is clear that something in the processing of the image has changed. The funny thing is that the pixelated image with low quality is bigger in size. I send you a link with a download to both files which I processed in Wallart. I need your advice on what you can do to help us to get back the old quality because right now we are Loosing business because of this. . I send you the download link with both files and also I attach 2 screenshots with a zoom of 100% where you can cliearly see what happens. Your soonest answer will be highly appreciated. Thank you, Sander BEFORE - GOODAFTER - BAD

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#183 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

Hello @Walldesign56

I know that you are working on a solution with the HP Wallart Support team. I am sure they will be able to help you.

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#184 Jen53 4 years ago

Hi there!

We select Fotoba lines however the print file also contains trimming lines. I can't see any setting to turn this off, and to me it seems trimming lines are contraindicated when Fotoba lines are selected.

Please help!


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#185 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

Dear @Jen53

Could you attach some image to understand the problem?

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#186 design4992 4 years ago

Hi there,

I'm not sure if anyone will see this but setting up HP wall art has been a nightmare. I've spent countless hours trying to get support for this only to be redirected into new sign in's that are not linked with my account. Unbelievable how hard it is to navigate. Holy shit.

All I'm trying to do is put a cutting line on locked PDFs thought wall art.

I truly believe that no one in the entire world has this software functioning properly on their site.

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#187 pip5330 3 years ago

We’ve built a Wordpress/Woocommerce website for our client that uses the HP WallArt plugin. After some while we have got this working. But now our client also wishes to sell other products on the website, things like application brushes and water baths etc… Unfortunately whilst we can create the products when they add to the cart the price changes to £0.00. When we disable the plugin the price carries through to the cart and checkout correctly. Is there something that needs to be done to allow the plugin to allow non wall art products?

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#188 soyeb 3 years ago


Can somebody please help?

I have fully integrated HP wall art into my website. When a customer approaches to the wallart design tool, there are a few bugs.

In the wall art tool if a customer picks a wallpaper, then on the final wallart page they decide to edit the wallpaper it doesn't change the wallpaper type. ( Where it states edit) for wallpaper type.

On the checkout page if the back button is pressed it duplicates the order

Sometimes it shows the designed image on the checkout page and sometimes the image doesn't work and comes up as a cross ?

Can someone please advise

Thank you

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#189 SIGNPRINTER.NET 3 years ago

I see posts going without responses, as happened to me last year. Is HP no longer supporting or investing in HP Wallart? Or, is this system being replaced by something else?

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#190 HP-Sonia 3 years ago

Hello ceo4989, HP is supporting or investing in HP Wallart. We are trying to give an answer to all the questions in this forum. Please let me know your concerns and I will try to help you.

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