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#1 Signmark 5 years ago


When I chose to lease my new Latex Printer, I did so based on HP Wallart.

I have been attempting implement a print on demand solution using the Wordpress plugin. Unfortunately the process has been challenging and the resources insufficient.

Please let me know if Wallart is even supported and where I may find the support to use the apppication.



#2 HP-Sonia 5 years ago

Hello @Signmark

I attached the manual for a full integration with wordpress.

If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know, we need to better understand your issues with the implementation.

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#3 wilderweaver312618511726 11 months ago

@stickman fighter With the shaftless turntable and automatic deflection correction, the load rolls can be completed in less than a minute. Up to 23 m 2 per hour (248 ft 2 per hour) high quality, quick response mode for indoor quality Use vibrant print options to produce extremely saturated prints with up to 50% higher ink density. You should remember these things to come up with effective methods of use.

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#4 9 months ago

Where to find a reliable place to play? This question is asking a lot of online players today, as this area is growing very rapidly and in accordance with this the number of places. Your solution would be to turn to

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#5 summercurrants12478 8 months ago

Hi @run 3 The load rolls may be completed in under a minute with the shaftless turntable and automated deflection adjustment. 23 m 2 per hour or more (248 ft 2 per hour) High-grade indoor quality with rapid reaction Use lively print choices to create prints that are exceptionally saturated and have an ink density that is up to 50% greater. To develop efficient use strategies, keep these points in mind.

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#6 6 months ago

Hi @slope unblocked The process of decorating a living space may be time-consuming and labor-intensive, from searching for suitable wall art inspiration to placing custom orders for one's own unique pieces.

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#7 6 months ago

Hi @Voypost Sounds like you were asking about where you can find some guys nowadays who can handle a lot of digital product creation tasks? If so, please drop me a private message, I'm more than sure you were asking about who can create good digital products now.

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#8 t.tychkivskyi13773 4 months ago

Hi @apiko HP WallArt is an innovative solution that allows users to create and print customized wall coverings, and its success can be attributed in part to effective software development. The software behind HP WallArt has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling individuals and businesses to create stunning wall decorations with ease.

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