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Where do you check PH Nozzles on an HP 330

#1 rbiwindowtint661 3 years ago

I am having issues with my blues printing purple. I have cleaned the printheads and need to check the nozzles. Where do I go on the panel screen to check them?

#2 HP-ColorGuy 3 years ago

The printhead test is found here: From the top menu > Settings > Image Quality Maintenance > Clean Printheads > Test Print.

This will produce a nozzle test pattern that includes each of the six printheads in the printer. If you see significant gaps in the pattern in one or more colors, run cleanings for the affected color(s), and then run the test print again to determine the effectiveness of the cleanings.

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#3 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @rbiwindowtint661,

The printhead status plot consists of patterns that are designed to highlight printhead reliability problems. It helps to determine whether any printhead is experiencing clogging or other problems.

To print this plot, go to the front panel and press "Settings icon", then Image-quality maintenance > Clean printheads > Print test plot. Vinyl, preferably gloss at least 36 inches wide, is recommended for maximum visibility. Other substrate types may not show enough detail to see the optimizer dashes clearly.

The plot consists of small dashes, one for each nozzle on each printhead.

For more details and picture examples go to page 106 of the User's Guide.

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#4 rbiwindowtint661 3 years ago

#3 thank you!

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#5 rbiwindowtint661 3 years ago

Thank you

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