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Window perf with blue solid printing with verticle streaks and horizontal banding. Onyx Thrive Rip

#1 tim6757 4 years ago

I have tried the HP one view Window perf profile and have changed the Saturation and the passes from 16 to 12 and 10 pass with 150 through 100 saturation and still get the streaks and bands. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

#2 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

Nothing to worry, mostly it's the base silicone paper making these effects but the printed image is OK. Look closely to the printed image and see the holes - not much ink in there but the vinyl is solid... To be sure enough, cut printed image and install on flat surface... If that's not the case - you have to use certified substrate...

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#3 j.angel6959 4 years ago

We have a similar problem that manifests on the window because some of the ink is 'baked in' every 7-1/2" slightly filling the holes. This makes a striped banding effect when installed. We went with a more expensive material solely because it already had a profile available. Have you had any updates, or does yours install OK when pulled from the backer?

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#4 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

#3 we had many different perfs, but honestly the result comes with a test of the material on flat surface, no matter if it's printed 6-8-10 passes, some rolls had problems like wrinkles when printing and you can see the defects on vinyl and silicone base, but not when installed and sometimes defects are real...if you have any doubts, print with this profile on regular self adhesive vinyl...but if surface is compromised... there's nothing you can do to avoid that...try regular self adhesive profile with more vacuum to window perf substrate...but much vacuum may cause vertical banding...

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