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Brand New Y-M print heads installed, shortly after same issues returns

#1 taras4990 a year ago

Gradually, over the course of printing about 50 feet of vinyl the greens where more 'blue' than green. Suggestion was to replace both Y-M print heads. Two (2) Brand new Yellow Magenta print heads were installed Saturday 21 Oct 2021 Approximately 30 feet of 3M IJ39 matte vinyl was printed on Saturday - No issues and the 'Greens' were perfect! Go to print the same job on Monday and the problem returns... more 'blue' than green.

Both Print heads display the following: Status: OK Warranty status: Out of warranty Product name: HP 831 Product Number: CZ678A Serial Number: 4-1-4407694-18-2022 & 4-1-4407702-18-2022 Ink fired: 14 mil Install date 10/22/22 Automatic Alignment took place and passed Colour calibration was also performed

Even replaced the yellow ink cartridge

Looking for direction Please...


#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @taras4990,

Can you please advise which printer you are using? Also, was the issue escalated to a service engineer? Thanks!

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#3 taras4990 a year ago

Hello thank you for responding the printer is the 315 Print Cut Solution.

I spoke with Grimco who I purchased the equipment from.

13 hours later Hello... is any one out there?

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @taras4990,

First of all, I would recommend checking that the substrate selected on the printer is the same as the one that is loaded in the printer ( same for the one selected from the RIP software that you are using).

Make sure that your environmental conditions are in the recommended range (Environmental specifications on page 169 user guide).

If you notice that the variation of color is more evident on one side of the print, try rotating the image by 180 degrees before printing. Also, you can try to add lateral color bars via your RIP on the side of the plot that is close to the ink supplies.

At the front panel, press options, then image-quality maintenance > Colour variation and text-line correction > On.

If none of these recommendations solve the issue, you will need to contact support again and escalate the case.

Hope this helps.

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