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HP 3000 L S

#1 carlo5966 4 years ago


Wondering if anyone could assist me with a problem we have on our HP 3000 L printer.

The shutter on the spectrometer won’t open and close. Looking for a solution is there a video or a manual that outlines this component?

How To Replace the Spectrometer Shutter on the HP Latex 3000 L??

I found one for the Latex R series but ours is different.

Any help would be appreciated.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @carlo5966,

As per the user guide, have a look at the information below.

Automatic color calibration may fail occasionally. You may see the alert Color calibration canceled because of scanning errors, which can be caused by various different problems. Reflective color measurements of the printed target cannot be performed reliably on the current substrate. Reflective color measurement can be unreliable or impossible on substrates that are non-white, transparent or translucent, very glossy, or have a very rough or punched surface. For these substrates, automated color calibration using the embedded spectrophotometer may not be possible.

Some of the color measurements of the color calibration test chart are defective due to:

  • Stains or printhead crash marks on the substrate, that can be easily seen by visual inspection of the printed chart. Make sure the substrate has no stains before running color calibration. Printhead crash marks may occur when the substrate is wrinkled.
    • Wrinkles or bubbles in the substrate, even when there has been no printhead crash.
    • Generally poor print quality (such as banding).

Either the embedded spectrophotometer or the line sensor is not working properly. If the problem persists, call your service representative.

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