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HP 335 Latex Printer - Insanely Convoluted Diagnostic Results - HELP!

#1 bclairmont10162 2 years ago

Hey there,

I've got a toughy, who loves a good challenge?? Below are attached a few examples of my current issue. We've never had this issue before to my knowledge, and it's progressively worsening. However, it's come in stages (as you'll see in the examples provided). We aren't experiencing so much as banding, but more so an overlap of imagery, as if the substrate is inconsistently feeding. It seems like the speed is fluctuating randomly as to affect the vertical disposition of the image, so each pass could be positively or negatively overlaying.

We noticed it once while printing a series of circular designs. There were 9 circles placed horizontally on the sheet, evenly spaced in rows of 10. The first couple were good, then one row would be blurry and vertically offset. Then the next 3-5 rows would be good, followed by a very blurry one, as if the paper slipped further forward than anticipated mid-print.

If you have any insight, I'm pulling my hair out over here! Thank you much!!

#2 bjpopp 2 years ago

I would most definitely put a call in to HP about this. It looks like there is definitely something wrong with how the substrate is advancing. What kind of material are you printing on, and how long have you been using it?

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#3 bclairmont10162 2 years ago

#2 Dang I was hoping it could just be a line sensor or something causing the rollers to overcompensate. Was just about to go in and clean her up but it might be all for not if that's the case.

I'm still a newbie to large-format printing (I'm from a smaller shop with limited printing experience on a Ricoh C5210s) so I honestly don't know the specifics of the past materials, but I do know that my coworker has been using this for the past 2 years, and his old supervisor for long before. I'm currently running some Aspire Matte White Perm Adhesive. The only place online I've seen with it is an outdated website of theirs: -- AIP-6mil-M-P 54"x100' Matte White 6 mil Calendered Permanent Adhesive

It could be an issue with the material itself. I may just have to get cleared to reach out to HP to save the printer.. Any additoinal info is always apreciated! Thank you!

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @bclairmont10162,

I would recommend the following:

• perform the media Advance plot, clean the encoder • check the OMAS / clean the omas • attach the media to the TUR • modify the output tension

If this does not solve it, I suggest contacting your support representative.

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