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Job cancelled for lack of data problem

#1 srtminn-craft35 3 years ago

Hi, i have a series problem. I was start to use hp latex 335 series about 4 month. We always print wallpapers, large tiff files(about 1.3-1,5 gb/data) with sai v19. First we rip the file then print it. I always clear the log files and we have 8gb ram, i5 processore, 4 gb gpu card, 256 gb ssd harddisk on our computer and all data cables are new cat6. First 3 month there is no problem like that but this month we have problem when we are printing, the message on computer is ‘failed to sent printer’ and ‘job cancelled for lack of data’ on printer. This happens in almost 1 of our 4 jobs. Is that a problem of Sai softwere or a problem of hp latex? We are losing lots of money to substrate, ink and time.

Also we have a problem with use ios application. I was search the forums and lots of people have same problem, proxy problem, we are making communication test, fails the 13th test. We have no proxy. We have latest firmwire but no solution

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 3 years ago

Hi @srtminn-craft35,

I suggest checking the following:

Host configuration

  1. Check the host system is compliant with your RIP software's minimal required configuration.
  2. Check computer doesn’t enter in sleep mode while printing.

Printer connectivity configuration

  1. Disable IPv6 connection. At EWS -Embedded Web Server- (go to a computer connected to the local network and enter printer IP at your internet browser): Networking tab >TCP/IP Settings > TCP/IP (v6), there uncheck Enable. At printer front panel: Settings > Connectivity > Network connectivity > Gigabit Ethernet > Modify configuration > TCP/IP > IPV6 SETTINGS > ENABLE > OFF
  2. Configure properly the printer Internet connection: In case the network is using a proxy, add the proper configuration to the printer in order to allow the printer to connect to the Internet correctly. At printer front panel: Connectivity > Internet Connectivity > Proxy > Enable proxy > Yes Connectivity > Internet Connectivity > Proxy > Proxy address > “add your local network proxy address” In case the internet is not available at the local network where the printer is connected, disable the connection. At printer front panel: Connectivity > Internet Connectivity > Internet Connection > No

Reduce the job accounting information saved at the printer

  1. Reduce the accounting logged jobs (EWS -> Setup tab -> Accounting, Max.number of logged jobs) to a value lower than 10.
  2. Perform file system check. At printer front panel: Settings > Preventive maintenance tasks > File system check.

If the error persists please contact your support representative.

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