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Liquid Laminate not adhering to Latex 335 prints?

#1 warrens6327 4 years ago

I did decals for our vehicles at work and purchased a product called "Flexathane G300 liquid laminate" from a company called Maizey signage materials and supplies in South Africa. I followed the instructions perfectly and left the decals to dry for 48 hours but when I cut out the decals on our Mimaki Cutter I noticed that the laminate was peeling off the ink area but stuck fast to the non-image area. This was the answer I got from the manufacturer of the laminate:- From: mailto: As mentioned in our conversation, it is highly likely that the latest generation of HP latex ink is to blame.

Both the G100 and G200 adhered well to the first three generations of HP latex ink, but unfortunately HP have introduced a wax into the 4th generation ink, which makes top-coating almost impossible for any water-based topcoat (liquid laminates). HP have introduced the wax into the ink to help improve abrasion resistance of their ink, at the cost of recoatability.

We are finding that very strong solvent based systems do have some success with overcoating the latest HP latex inks, but I would not put a guarantee on it.

If this is true please could you suggest what we could laminate our prints with. Regards Warren

#2 kelvin.ng5186 4 years ago

#1 Hi, this may help you.

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#3 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

Hello @warrens6327

The HP Latex 335 printers are not using Gen 4 inks. My recommendations/suggestions are based only on the certified method, using a laminated roll and the proper machine for applying:

  • Increase the time between lamination and cutting.
  • Ensure good environmental conditions when printing.
  • Try to decrease the ink density.
  • Increase the number of passes to provide more time for curing.
  • If your substrate allows a higher temperature, increase it to improve curing.
  • For dark colors, the use of a 4-color black rather than a straight 100% K might help.

Hope it helps,

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