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Building a printed design business with digital technology

Success Story
HP Daniela Ciolompea 24th of June 2021

Gillian Arnold is a British artist with a passion for design and technology, whose innate creative curiosity has been pushing the boundaries of digitally printed textiles forward for the last 20 years.

Working alongside her husband, this talented team makes the perfect partnership. Their journey began digitally – they even met online and now lead a thriving designer brand from their design studio and in-house production facility.

This is a story of innovation

Gillian has been exploring dye sublimation printing for her entire creative career, thinking outside of the box. “I was always fascinated by sublimation printing since I was at art college, back in the early 90’s. I just knew it was a magic formula that had so much to explore, and sort of legs to it. So, I used to do a lot of textile projects that were sublimation based in primary schools in London, and I'd even go for funding to buy equipment, so that the schools could actually continue to print mugs and print cushions” added Gillian.

The business began selling direct to the consumer from a market stall in Greenwich, London and has now grown into a very successful designer brand trading online and via a network of independent retail outlets. Over the years the collection of printed products available for purchase has grown substantially and now includes artwork, canvases, printed home furnishings, cushions, lighting, accessories and even jewelry - all printed using dye sublimation technology.

Working closely with the team at R A Smart, Gillian and her partner Tim decided to purchase the HP Stitch S300 to replace their existing dye sublimation equipment. The HP printer being much quicker than their existing technology, more sustainable, and importantly intelligent and intuitive. “We are definitely happy with the HP Stitch S300 printer - it's got some amazing features that are just really impressive, especially in terms of the print quality, ease of maintenance and intuitive servicing” added Tim.

Investing in intelligent, next generation dye sublimation printing technology from HP also ensures that in-house production is efficient and profitable, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on scaling their brand and creating new designs and exciting new products for the Décor marketplace. It also ensures that they have absolute control of their supply chain and business as they grow.

For more information, visit Gillian Arnold.

Source: Texintel

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