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How Monster Print innovates its print output without the added cost

jb@HP 19th of August 2021

As a print business, Monster Print earned customer trust and confidence by maintaining excellent customer relations, offering faster turnaround time, and high-quality printing.

Learn how Monster Print got a competitive edge with HP Latex R-Series Flatbed Printers.


Cost and labour savings that led to stronger competitive edge

HP Latex R-Series printers helped Monster Print to be both time and cost-efficient while retaining a high standard of print quality. By printing directly onto boards with HP Latex R-Series printers, Monster Print significantly reduced its’ labour costs by 25%. Lower service costs’ and faster turnaround time enabled them to retain a competitive edge by focusing on customised projects.

Incredible speed with unparalleled quality
The short-run times of HP Latex R-Series printers enabled Monster Print to get high-scale jobs done twice as fast! Designed for advanced alignment functions to print custom designs on unique surfaces such as signs or standees, HP Latex R-Series Flatbed printers helped Monster Print stand out from other print businesses using UV printers.

Sustainable, environment-friendly printing

An increasingly eco-conscious print market and a growing customer demand for eco-friendly printing solutions led Monster Print to invest in HP Latex R-series Flatbed printers. Monster Print achieved their sustainability goals with recyclable, odourless and water-based HP Latex inks. Moreover, HP Eco Solutions Certification empowered Monster Print to reduce the environmental impact of graphics printing and improve the environmental performance of their overall printing operations.

Expanding to new applications with Latex technology that no UV flatbed can match
Monster Print expanded their print portfolio and handled more ambitious projects by upgrading with HP Latex R-Series printers. With amazing colour range, crisp, sharp high-quality prints, recyclable inks and fast print times, HP Latex R-Series printers helped Monster Print enhance their business offerings.

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