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Prevel Signalisation makes a difference with HP Latex

Success Story
Prevel Signalisation makes a difference with HP Latex

PowerPoint Presentation Specialist in digital printing, marking, and signage, Prevel Signalisation, installed in Alsace since 2006, traces its route with HP. Created by Jean-Philippe Prével, the company is distinguished by its integrated manufacturing from A to Z: from the design office to the installation carried out by professionals throughout France and neighboring countries.

Prevel Signalisation works on both flexible and rigid supports to ensure partial or total covering of vehicles (commercial vehicles, buses, trams, trains, etc.), the manufacture of stands, totems, panels, light boxes, stretched canvases, flat or volume, etc. “The multiplicity of types of media that we print, the variety of prints, and the daily urgency imply an ultra-reliable and flexible fleet of machines. With HP, we have found the ideal partner”, remarks Julien Felpin, head of digital services.

A technology for today… and for tomorrow: “HP has a strong ability to question itself, to think outside the box, and their vision, with Latex technology, immediately seduced and convinced us. The printer is revolutionary because, of course, of the water-based inks that are safe for both our operators and our customers. But also because of very simple maintenance compared to what we were used to, and of the possibility of changing the printheads ourselves without calling in a technician. Finally, they are fast printers, easy to implement and the quality amazed us! Then, over the years, new models appeared that were always more efficient”, said Jean-Philipe Prével, founder of Prevel Signalisation.

The last argument is ecological: " It is certain that today the ecological argument that we can put forward to our customers thanks to HP Latex is becoming a real differentiating advantage concludes Jean-Philippe Prével. Especially since, in all consistency, Prevel has referenced a certain number of PVC-free, recycled, or recyclable materials.

Source: GF MAG, large format magazine

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