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Robin Sprong Wallpaper, digitally printed wallpaper and surface design


Robin Sprong Wallpaper is South Africa's leading wallpaper, surface design, and printerior studio with a focus on interior decor and design. Robin Sprong Wallpapers represents artists and designers from all over the world. Our core focus is wallpaper, surface coverings, and Fabrics. HP Latex and Robin Sprong collaborated to make this video to show our studio at work and our commitment to sustainability. At Robin Sprong Wallpaper we put a lot of effort and energy into keeping our waste and use of environmentally harmful materials to the minimum.

“HP basically offered us an opportunity to demonstrate our abilities through a lot of their shows where we’ve worked with them. They’ve also introduced us to a lot of their partners that we’ve started working with. We can now have customers all over the world where we print in the country that they're based and that takes care of sort of reducing our carbon.”

Robin Sprong, Director of Robin Sprog Wallpaper

Watch the video and see how Robin Sprong and his talented team in South Africa are reasoning about customers' demand for sustainability nowadays and how HP Latex helps to bring his business to the top of the international level with the most vibrant colors and the whitest white.

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