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Rudd Macnamara invests in HP Latex R1000 to support growth plans

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HP Ana Zafra 6th of July 2023
Rudd Macnamara invests in HP Latex R1000 to support growth plans

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One of the most historic printing businesses in the UK, Rudd Macnamara first opened its doors more than 130 years ago, starting out as a manufacturer of nameplates under the leadership of engraver Ernest Rudd. Over the years, the company has evolved to become a provider of a wide range of printed products, including badges, nameplates, and serial plates. Rudd Macnamara soon identified the HP Latex R1000 printer as the ideal solution, with the machine able to print high-value rigid jobs at high quality on a range of media such as plastic foamboard, PVC foam, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, and cardboard.

Chris Dickinson, Managing Director of Rudd Macnamara, said the printer’s ability to print on such a wide range of materials was key to investment, while he also highlighted the HP Latex R1000’s white ink capabilities as a significant factor for the business.

“The flexibility to print on all mediums was a plus but the biggest selling point was the white print. 

We now have opened up a much wider scope for what we can achieve, and we are eagerly exploring how, as a business, we can expand into these markets and further offer more variety to our existing markets and customers. 

Moving forward, the HP Latex R1000 will become the backbone of the business and we foresee the largest percentage of print jobs outputted on the printer.”, said Chris.

Source: LFR News

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