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What is HP Protagonist?

HP Daniela Ciolompea 3rd of August 2020

The aim of the program is to hear the voice of the customer and to understand better what are the main needs our customers have in their day to day work life. In addition, HP wants to know how their printers are covering these exposed needs and how customers would like to see them improved.

In other words, HP Protagonist is not a service channel, but an open communication bridge between customers and HP. The first step to a professional relationship based on transparency and proactive listening.


It is very easy.

From the day you install your printer, if you agree on receive communications and surveys from HP, you are in the program.  From then, HP Protagonist will be regularly asking you about your printer and your interactions with HP, through your email.

If you want to unsubscribe at any time, there is the option available in all the emails we sent.


There is a whole team behind HP protagonist who is in charge of carefully reading all your comments, categorizing them, and deciding what to do with them.

Therefore, your feedback can follow 3 different paths:

  • It can be forwarded to R&D programs to improve current printers or develop future ones.
  • It can be forwarded to services in order to improve your situation or to provide a solution.
  • It can be forwarded to customer experience to improve your future experience with our products.

Moreover, it is important not to forget about positive feedback. We also love that one! So, we can continue doing what you like the most about us.

Any more questions? Check out the FAQ article.

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