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White printing makes the difference: Plot.tec installs HP Latex 700W

Success Story
HP Daniela Ciolompea 25th of July 2022

Plot.tec has been running its sign-making business for more than 30 years. Clients include companies from both industry and the retail sectors, in Dortmund and across the rest of Germany. As a full-service print business, Plot.tec provides large-scale window signage for its customers as well as vehicle graphics, posters, street signage, light boxes, and more. The new HP Latex 700W has further expanded its printed product range into interior décor, mechanical engineering, and bespoke printed wheelchair wheels for children!

Applications for acrylic glass signs and interior decoration, such as skylights, walk-through protection in offices, or privacy protection in medical practices, have expanded plot.tec's range of products or raised it to a new level of quality. In the case of medical customers, there is also the fact that doctors must ensure that the components used in their practice rooms are harmless. Latex inks emit significantly fewer emissions and odors than prints made with solvent inks.
Another new application that Plot.tec can now implement is apertures for mass spectrometers. For this purpose, the panel covers for data storage cabinets are underprinted in white.

The HP Latex 700W achieves a print speed of up to 36 m2 per hour. Compared to the previous models, an increase in productivity of up to 50 percent is possible. The maximum printing width is 1.63 m and covers all common roll formats. New water-based HP Latex Inks contain no hazardous air pollutants and do not require warning labels.  

“It doesn't get any whiter than this. If I hold up an HP Latex graphic printed in white ink next to a white sheet of paper, I can't tell the difference. We have less waste, save time and money, and protect the environment, leading to potential savings of between 20 and 25 percent” said Gerd Kroner, Co-founder at Plot.tec.

Source: HP Virtual Booth

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