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Würdemann Werbung chooses HP Latex R2000

Success Story
HP Ana Zafra 28th of August 2023
Würdemann Werbung chooses HP Latex R2000

PowerPoint Presentation Würdemann Werbunghas completed its machinery expansion with the installation of an HP Latex R2000 flatbed printer. Having already purchased a Massivit1800 Pro 3D printer in 2020, the Hanover-based company followed up with a Kongsberg XP 44 MultiCut cutting table in the fall of 2021. Looking for a large-format flatbed printer that complemented its portfolio but did not use solvent inks and was still suitable for durable and hard-wearing applications, Würdemann Werbungcame across HP's Latex technology after receiving a recommendation.

“Our investments at the beginning of the pandemic were risky, as many of our regular customers suddenly stopped placing orders. But the risk has paid off: with the new models, we can produce not only 3D-printed objects but also highly sensitive printed products, offering our customers real added value”, said Jörg Würdemann, CEO of Würdemann Werbungcame.

Source: World of Print

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