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Recycling and disposal instructions for the used original HP ink supplies

HP introduces the Eco-Carton cartridges

  • 80% reduction in plastic (grams/liter)
  • 66% reduction in C02 emissions (manufacturing emissions and transport efficiency)
  • Easy to use and recycle
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Carton-based instead of plastic
  • Use of recycled materials

HP provides many free and convenient ways to recycle your used original HP ink supplies.

Additionally, HP provides a free program for business customers to return signage printed using selected recyclable HP large-format papers. For more information about these HP programs, see the HP website at the following link:

Note: HP recommends that you wear gloves when handling ink-system components.

To recycle an HP Eco-Carton ink cartridge, follow these steps:

  • Open the cardboard box.

  • Remove the ink bag.

  • Recycle the cardboard as you normally would, then place the remaining ink bag in your HP Planet Partners bin to be submitted to HP Planet Partners.

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