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Replacing Duratrans Prints with HP Latex technology

HP-ALFONSO_SANCHEZ 20th of October 2017

The versatility and ease of use of HP Latex printers not only allows Duratrans users to maintain their current production but also produce all kinds of Sign-and-display applications with one single device, including Banners, SAV, Textiles and explore new opportunities in Decoration, such as canvas, wallcovering, window blinds and more.  

Moreover, HP Latex represents the most environmentally-friendly solution on the market thanks to its water-based inks and recyclable consumables, requiring no special facilities or ventilation. It can also print on recyclable materials like CMA Perfect Trans.

The Perfect Trans product from CMA is a PET Film media that looks and feels like a Duratrans, but is recyclable and is Certified for HP Latex Technology. It offers excellent and vivid prints that don’t need lamination to produce a glossy finish.

Note: when printing on the CMA Perfect Trans with the HP Latex 300 series or the HP Latex 500 series, the use of the output platen protector is recommended to ensure an optimal media advance.

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