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Enjoy a Smart Printing Experience with HP PrintOS

HP-Alessandro.Jesi 27th of March 2019

Great news for both new and existing HP PrintOS users!

Our favorite cloud-based print production operating system has just gotten a lot bigger and better, giving you the Smart Printing Experience you need to become more efficient and do more for your customers – and your business.

By stepping into the Smart Printing Experience era with PrintOS, you can better control your printing performance, uncover time and cost savings (many of them hidden in plain sight!), speed up your production time, and many more.

It’s not just about achieving savings today, it’s also about capturing new business tomorrow and being equipped to keep on doing it long into the future.

Get better control over your printing:

Do you want to better control your printing, at all times, whether you’re right next to your printer, during a meeting, or out at lunch? Do you want to be able to monitor and analyze your printers’ performance, so you can do more, with higher efficiency?

Now, with the completely revamped Print Beat app for HP large format printers, you can remotely monitor and analyze your printer’s productivity in an aggregated or detailed view, accessible anytime and anywhere!

Always be on top of the action, even while being away from your printer.

Zoom into your business and gain visibility into print performance, with the peace of mind of controlling costs via data-driven insights.

HPLatex PrintOs full controll and visibility

From now on, you’ll be able to gain instant visibility and successfully manage remotely your printers’ productivity on a single screen, as well as identify trends or patterns in your fleet from historical data with fully customizable time frames and resolutions.

And to end on a sweet note, all these Monitoring and Reporting capabilities will be available on our PrintOS Mobile app, ready to be accessed even on the go!

To get the best possible experience from Print Beat make sure to have the latest firmware version updated for your HP Latex Printers.

Simplify your operations:

Does setting up new substrate Configuration in your printers take more time than you think it should?

How do you make sure there are no color inconsistencies, particularly on job reprints?

HP Latex PrintOs Configuration centerDon’t worry anymore! The new HP Configuration Center changes the game by solving any struggles you might have in achieving consistent color Configuration.

Configuration Center provides a streamlined workflow for simple job reprints. It enables you to instantly access all your customized substrate Configuration from all your printers and sites, all from one place! With a history of automatic backups available anytime at your fingertips, it’s easy to ensure the same substrate Configuration are used.

In addition, you can configure all your printers remotely, achieving consistent color Configuration for your print jobs across the same family printers, in just three easy steps.

HP Configuration Center is now available for all 1500 and 3X00 printers, with the latest FW update, and will be available for 115, 3X0 and 3X5 in the near future.

Go for new opportunities, go for growth:

Are you offering your customer everything you can? What if you could bring in more business, with the printing resources that you already have?

With the new HP Applications Center, an innovative cloud designer for Large Format applications, you’ve got your answer!

Now available in PrintOS, you can easily integrate this online decoration and signage experience tool onto your website and let your customers create winning designs for signage and decoration applications in a matter of minutes!

With more than 50 readymade professionally designed templates and access to millions of free and premium photos, vector graphics and/or pattern designs, you will be opening new opportunities for your business in no time.

HPLatex print Os application center

Whether you have a fleet of printers or just one, you can automate your end-to-end design and PDF creation, completely error-free, with the key benefit of unattended job reception from customers directly to your RIP.

Reinvent your service experience:

We know your business relies on your printers, so you need them to be always up and running. As with any production device, downtime can never be completely avoided, but it can certainly be minimized.

With the new HP Service Center, we have reinvented the service experience for you!

HP Latex PrintOS Service center

Now you can easily access support with just a few clicks through this portal to quickly open and track service cases.

You can now view and control your service activity status, save time when requesting support and get remote support with fast troubleshooting. Stay constantly informed by being immediately notified of any change in the status of a support request.

Note that currently, case creation is only available for the HP Latex 1500, 3x00 and R-series under warranty or contract, with availability for HP Latex 1x0, 3x0 and 5x0 series coming in the near future.

In other words, you can get a superior service experience, maximizing your printer uptime anytime you need, wherever you are.

Liking what’s new? Then get on board with PrintOS right away!

Sign up now and join the new Smart Printing Experience era.

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