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HP Latex 2700 Printer Series Training Printer Overview

HP Daniela Ciolompea 24th of October 2022

HP Learn is the educational platform within PrintOS. It contains everything you will need to learn about your printer in one convenient hub, including:

  • Easy-to-digest lessons focused on a wide variety of topics from applications to color management.
  • Training modules specific to your printer.
  • HP certifications in various skills that can be obtained by following the available lesson plans.
  • Important: To access some of the courses in the HP PrintOS Learn, you must have the printer for which the course was developed installed in your PrintOS account.

In today’s post, we've prepared a module to introduce you to the main components of the New HP Latex 2700/2700 W printer series and to help you learn how each one works.

We hope it helps improve your knowledge!

Link to the course (English version): 

Latex 2700/2700 W Printer series - Printer Overview

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