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HP Professional Print Service Plans – Trial activation

HP Daniela Ciolompea 12th of February 2024
HP Professional Print Service Plans – Trial activation

Did you know that Print Service Providers who are subscribed to HP Professional Print Service Plus plans can gain exclusive access to some advanced HP PrintOS features and capabilities?

Right now, we’re offering access to this for a trial period, allowing you to experience the following new-found efficiencies:

HP Print Beat Live Production

Obtain a single, real-time view of all jobs queued and in production across multiple sites

HP Print Beat Jobs API

Connect job printer data to your external ERP/MIS systems

HP Learn premium content

Gain access to advanced training opportunities

HP Design & eCommerce*

Simplify operations and grow your online business

*Please contact your HP representative for information about geographic availability.

Problems accessing the trial page?

1. Sign into your HP PrintOS account here.

    If you don’t have an HP PrintOS account yet, you can register here.

2. Once inside HP PrintOS, go to the left menu and access “Marketplace”: 

3. Activate your trial.

Additional questions?

  • What are HP Professional Print Service Plans?
  • How long does the trial period last?
    • 90 days.
  • What will happen when the trial period ends?
    • Once the trial period ends, and if you don’t subscribe, you will no longer have exclusive access to advanced HP PrintOS Solutions. Nothing will be charged to you after the trial unless you actively request to subscribe.
  • How many times can I activate the trial?
    • An organization can activate this trial for all supported large-format printers connected to PrintOS - at one time only.
  • What does this trial include?
    • This trial is for the PrintOS Plus Solutions included in the Plus Plan. It does not include support and maintenance. To optimize your trial experience, all printers should have the latest firmware updates.

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