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Latex R Series new firmware and IPS update package

emontia 1st of June 2020

There is a new firmware and IPS update package for HP Latex R Series Printers, we strongly recommend that all printers are upgraded to get benefit of all the improvements of the update.

New firmware and IPS update package available:

  • Firmware: SKAAR_19_19_36.15
  • HP Internal Print Server (IPS): 19.101.7

Where to find the update package:

IMPORTANT: Both components—the firmware and the IPS—must be installed together. No other combination is supported. Please download the document below to understand the process.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the FW upgrade, contact your support representative.

Summary of changes:

The MR4 firmware release includes the following new improvements with respect to the previous one.

1.            Reduced load time between boards with rigid substrates, more copies per hour.

2.            Fast sandwich modes and more profiles.

3.            New 8-pass print mode for ACP.

4.            Allow adding new jobs to a queue while it is being printed.

5.            Multiple queues; prepare the next queue with a different substrate while printing the current one.

6.            Improved choke algorithms to fix artifacts.

7.            Enhanced Automatic System Upgrade.

8.            Multiple job selection for drag-and-drop to queue, delete and reprint.

9.            Improved substrate feed with Edge Holders.

10.          Optimized keyboard to enter the numeric keyboard.

11.          New high-density thermoforming print modes.

12.          Diagnosticability changes and improvements.

13.          Other small improvements and bug fixes.

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