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Make your own pattern collections!

HP-MarcM 23rd of November 2016

 With the new feature 'Collections' it is super easy to arrange patterns in color, style types, seasons, and much more and thus use the patterns from Pattern Design more individually.

You can directly create collections according to the needs of your customers and therefore add a tremendous value for them, as it will be much clearer and easier for your customers to find their desired patterns. And as we all know: satisfied customers increase sales.

And this is how it works:  

1- Simply log into your HP Wallart account, click ‘Content’ and then select 'Pattern Design’ in the right section ‘Content providers’.


2- Then just click on the blue button ‘Start organizing your Collections’:


You will be forwarded to the Pattern Design API page, where you have to either log in or if you are logged in already, directly enter the ‘Collections’ site.


You can name them as you like and expand them according to your own preferences with additional patterns. And that not just once, but infinite times: as many collections as you like!

HP WallArt Suite users will be getting a promotion of 50 % for this feature.

And it's monthly cancellable as well.

So what are you waiting for? Use it now on HP Wallart!

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