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Installation strongly recommended for new firmware 00_08_12.1 for the HP Stitch Sx00 Printer Series

HP Ana Zafra 8th of February 2024
New firmware available 00_08_12.1 for the HP Stitch Sx00 Printer Series

A new firmware version (MARCOBASIC_00_08_12.1 for S300 and MARCOPROD_00_08_12.1 for S500) is now available to download and install for the HP Stitch Sx00 printer series.

Upgrade the firmware using the automatic firmware upgrade function or by downloading the firmware package from the website and installing it manually.

HP strongly recommends installing this new firmware version on all units as the current digital certificates to connect to HP applications hardcoded into the previous firmware versions will no longer be valid. In addition to losing connectivity to PrintOS, there are other effects including not being able to download media presets from the front panel or report any kind of telemetry to the service center.

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