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New firmware available NEXUS_01_18_11.1 for the HP Latex 3x0 Printer Series

Joan_o 5th of July 2021

HP Latex 3x0 Printer Series’ (310/330/360/370) latest firmware version is now available to download and install. This firmware includes significant new features and fixes.

Summary of changes

Here are the improvements achieved with the firmware version NEXUS_01_18_11.1:          

  • Fix for an issue that didn’t allow the date to be set beyond 2020 in the Embedded Web Server (EWS);
  • Fix for an issue that caused substrate settings to be reset when toggling the Automatic Advance Adjustment (OMAS) option;
  • Fixes and improvements to the HP Control Print Plot;
  • Fix for a bug that showed the Automatic Advance Adjustment (OMAS) option in HP Latex 310 and 330 Printers;
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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