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Real-Time Analytics with the new HP Print Beat Reports

At HP, we know that for our clients every cent counts, and thus finding a way to optimize their operations is a must. All this is great, but with the current tools at hand it’s quite tricky and time-consuming to understand actual and historical data about your print production. 

Until now…

Introducing the completely new HP Print Beat Reports, a real-time analytics solution that lets you remotely access an aggregated view of your fleet’s performance, across all sites!

View and acquire actual and historical data on your fleet to make fast and confident decisions based on facts and data, to improve printer performance and utilization!

HPLatex Print Beat Report

Identify trends or patterns in your fleet before they happen, for quick response to any emerging issues and gaining new valuable insights to identify new opportunities of growth and utilization for your print production.

In addition, enjoy a fully interactive experience with the option of clicking or hovering over almost anything in Print Beat Reports, to gain more detailed information on print production, status distribution, printer availability, and ink consumption.

HPLatex Print Beat Report

This option gives you the possibility to track and benchmark the performance of your fleet with a tailored historic view, from a combined printer performance view to drilled down specific/individual printer views.

These detailed reports also enable you to both print the charts or download them in various formats (PDF/JPEG/PNG/CSV) to share them with whoever you want, anytime, anywhere.

And what if we can tell you that all the above benefits could be available to you virtually anywhere?

Entering the HP PrintOS Mobile App for Android or iOS, gives you all the benefits of remote monitoring and real-time Analytics of Print Beat, even on-the-go.

HPLatex Print Beat Report

You can now view printer jobs status and alerts on issues that might be interrupting production and discover key insights for better decision-making, directly from your HP PrintOS Mobile App.

Yes, you read that right, all the above are now available at your fingertips whenever you want, wherever you are!

And you’re in for a treat, as this revolutionary smart printing solution is available to you for free for all HP Latex 100, 300, 500, 1500, 3000 and R-series, as well as for HP DesignJet Z6 or Z9.

To get the best possible experience from Print Beat make sure to have the latest firmware version updated for your HP Latex Printers.

With the reinvented HP Print Beat app, the possibilities for growth are endless!

Want to know how to get all this? Print Beat is a part of HP PrintOS, our cloud-based print production operating system.

So what are you waiting for? Join HP PrintOS now!

If you’re not there yet, head over to the article on “How to sign up to HP PrintOS in 3 easy steps” to register your company and your HP Large Format printers in no time.

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