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HP-MarcM 26th of April 2016

Which are the certified RIP versions?

You can find the current list of certified RIP vendors in the HP WallArt Suite site.

HP WallArt Suite Special RIP Upgrade promotions:

If you need to upgrade your RIP, only for HP WallArt registered customers and for a limited time (Until June 30th 2016) you will have access to special discounts provided by the following RIP vendors. read the following article in order to get more information about this promotion:

RIP promotions with the New HP WallArt Suite

How to get access to RIP promotions: 

  1. Check your RIP compatibility
  2. If you need to upgrade, please contact your channel partner.
  3. Deliver your HP WallArt PSP code to your channel partner and access these special RIP vendor discounts

 How to find your HP WallArt PSP code

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