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Heat transfer vinyl material sticky and smearing while curing

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 --- 6 years ago


I'm using a
Printer: HP Latex 360

Material: 15" Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl

Profile: Siser Easy Transfer

Color: CMYK

I'm trying to print a design to test the heat transfer to tshirts process.

I'm having an issue during the curing process on the print. The design prints beautifully, however as it comes out of the curing process, the ink is smeared. At one point, the material became sticky, sticking to the printer and I had to pull the material through the rest of the print to avoid head strikes.

Attached is the picture I took of the final product. It's very disappointing as the material was very expensive. I've had an issue with the smearing on banner and vinyl too, not sure what it is that's causing this.

I assume it's a heat issue (curing at 240), where the heat is too high as it's curing because not only is the ink smearing as it's coming out, but the material is sticky.

Please advise.

#2 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @Muiseyy

After looking at the picture attached it seems like job is not dried is crashing against the impinging module before get cured. In order to avoid that kind of situation we have several ways to do that:

  1. Enable Bypass job start safety: Substrate > Substrate handling options > Bypass job start safety. The job start safety mode is activated by default so that the leading edge of the substrate does not crash.

  2. Advance media until it will be out of the curing system before printing

  3. Attach media to take up reel.

    If ink smears are produced by heat , you will need to fine tune substrate preset, to do that you will need to clone it first and modify parameters from the cloned one. If you are not sure in how to do it the best choice will be contact you their support team.

I hope it helps

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#3 Roy_Kuzmich 6 years ago


Advancing your media to the take up reel should work but we all know that media is expensive and don't like wasting the 4 feet it takes to hook up to the TUR.

Try installing the Output Platen covers. It should help the material travel through the curing section better, also lower the temperature. I have found that most profiles are preset way too hot.

Good Luck

Roy K

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