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HP 110 Color Inconsistancy - Black as Dark Gray; vibrant colors as pastels

HP Latex 110 Printer

#1 GrandInks 6 years ago

Dear HP and Forum Members,

I just bought a brand new HP Latex 110 printer and have been having some issue with it, not sure if its a lemon or if its just how it is, I'm a perfectionist so when color is obviously off or different from a re-run of the same job with same settings its really bothers me.

I will print a job with vibrant colors one day, then a couple days later print the same design and it prints more of a pastel and dark gray instead of pitch black. The difference is very obvious. I've tried head cleanings and image quality steps and nothing seems to fix this issue.. Note: This happened after being gone for the whole weekend (printer was in sleep mode for 2 days).

This is the second time within the first month of buying the printer.

The first time I noticed this happen was when I unplugged the printer for a day, when I plugged it back in and ran the job the colors went pastel.Unfortunately my client needed the prints the next day, so he ended up with prints with the wrong colors, this isn't ok.

Does turning the printer off for a day or letting it sleep for 2 days cause this issue? How does one fix this issue? How do I prevent this from happening? OR do I have a lemon printer? I could not find any Q&A on this topic. Firmware is up to date

#2 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @GrandInks

To get the same color you should print in the same conditions. For example if you compare something printed when the printer is warm (and you use it as a baseline) you should compare it with something also printed when the printer is warm.

Please keep me informed about your issue.

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#3 GrandInks 6 years ago

Hi Sonia,

I think I found the culprate and the timing was just a coincedence, I'll verify next time the printer is off for a couple days.

Dull colors: Printing AI File.

Vibrant Colors: Saving AI as PDF and then printing.

Can anyone explain why or how to fix this issue regarding AI files not printing correctly?

Thank you.

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#4 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @GrandInks

Before giving you a straight answer I would like to know:

Which Color Profile are you using for printing? Are you sure that you always apply the same profile to the jobs?Are you printing using FlexiPRINT Basic 110 Edition? Could you check the build number?

Can you send to me a screen shot of the settings when you are saving the iAI into PDF file?

Looking forward to hear from you.

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