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HP 3600 Double-sided printing

HP Latex 3000 Series

#1 djonas5046 5 years ago

We are having trouble with off-setting on the back up on 21oz double sided printing. Does anyone have recommendations on ideal curing temperatures, or do you have other ideas on how to solve our issue. Thanks

#2 HP-rana 5 years ago

Sounds as if your substrate may be deforming (changing size) with the heat from the curing system of the printer, and this may cause registration errors on the second side when producing double-sided applications.

I would suggest that you check the following.

  1. Check for a curing temperature that is too high. Typical curing temperatures for PVC banner materials (I am assuming that you are using a PVC banner) are around 85C/185F. If the curing temperature you are using is much higher than this, try lowering the temperature to 85C/185F and see if this resolves the registration issue. If you are printing with a high ink density, you might have to also increase the number of passes (slow down) to ensure that all the ink is cured.

  2. Some plastic-based substrates (like PVC banners) do shrink by a couple of percent when heated even to 85C/185F, and, in this case, our suggestion is that you can compensate for this size change in your software RIP. To set this up, you will need to print something of an exactly-known size and then measure the exact size of the final print, and then enter these values (desired and printed sizes) in the RIP, and the RIP will grow or shrink the job so that it has the correct size when printed.

Please see the attached document, which explains how to use this feature ("Scale adjust") in the Onyx RIP. Other RIPs also have a similar feature, although it may be named differently (for example, it's called horizontal/vertical compensation in Caldera)

thanks -rana-

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