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HP L370 Service Plot Question

HP Latex 370 Printer

#1 Kula007 7 years ago


Im going to buy used HP L370. Can someone help me, because I cant understand one thing.

Does the sum of fields Usage per Cartridge Slot schould be equal to the field in component usage - Ink consumed total (cc) i`v read 3 or 4 service plots and each one is different in that case, only in one case sums are equal, but the printer which looks the best sum of Usage per Cartridge Slot is 255000cc and ink cosumed total is 110637cc, so the difference is huge.

Is it possible to be like that or it can be a fake?

Thx for Help

#2 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello Kula007

The sum of these values are different in both sections for internal use, so that is why it does not match.

I hope this is clarified your question.

Please let me know if you need further help.


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#3 Kula007 7 years ago

Sorry but, still have no clue why it is like that. In most cases this sums are equal, but in this case difference is 145000 cc. I have spoke with one technician and he told me that there can be a small diffrences max to 20% but not over a 100%.
Can You please explain me this a bit more.
Can it be related with that, this hp is realy 360 upgraded to 3 liters tanks, no 370.

Kind Regards

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#4 HP-Sonia 7 years ago

Hello Kula007

In this particular case can be valid since the usage per cartridge slot* (255000cc) is correct and the ink consumed total (110637cc) could be affected due to parts replacement performed as part of a preventive maintenance.

I trust this clarifies a bit more the matter for you.

*Cartridge Slot refers to the consumption of the ink per slot.

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