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#1 fsiburian81 2 years ago


It has been 4 months since I bought HP LATEX 315 PRINT AND CUT SOLUTION, and I'm still figuring out what this printer can do and cannot do especially with light colors. One time my customer send me a design with light brown, and when I print it, it came out purple, then I try to print with desktop printer which come out light brown. I use HP Flexi and the SAV is Metamark MDL100. I choose the pre set for MDL100 from substrate library.

Now my difficulties is to get a solid quality print without graininess, white dots, coalescence. I still cannot figure the real function of the optimizer. Yes, I have read and watch videos about it so many times. One day I reduce the optimizer to 2 and the result are better then 12% or 24% (24% is the worse).

and what is ICC Profile all about? If I choose or create ICC profile will it make the color print out more solid?

Also since 315 doesn't have built-in Spectrophotometer, can I use this product (link below) to create ICC profile for my printer?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards, PRINT_PREVIEW

#2 HP-ALBA 2 years ago

#1 Hello! you may find useful this training content we have in the PrintOS Learn App:

thanks! Alba

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#3 fsiburian81 2 years ago

Hi Alba,

Thank you for your reply. I did try the link and sign in using my account but I got this massage:

"The course you are trying to access is no longer valid or you do not have access to it. 4427"

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#4 HP-ALBA 2 years ago

Hi! Could you please try again? If not working, please send us an email and we will check your profile, many thanks and sorry for the inconvenience! Alba

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#5 fsiburian81 2 years ago

--- comment deleted ---

#6 fsiburian81 2 years ago

#4 HI Alba, it is working now. thanks! I attached pictures to show you about my problem. While I'm trying to find the solution myself (referring to the course you have sent me), would you give me some advise how to achieve a perfect print result from Latex 315?

In the picture there are 3 printed images. #1 and #2 was printed with Latex 315 on Metamark MD-100 and #3 was printed with Epson XP620 on a glossy sticker paper.

Print image #1 was printed with 18p 6c 100% Metamark MD-100 ICC profile 15% Optimizer Print image #2 was printed with 18p 6c 80% HP Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl ICC Profile 2% Optimizer

my opinion is #2 looks better with less optimizer, although not as good as #3.

My 1st question is, is it possible that Latex 315 give print result as good as #3? 2nd question, If not possible what is the best result that Latex 315 can archive ? 3rd question, if Latex 315 can print as good as #3, what should I do to achieve the result and consistency?

Thank you very much

Kind regards, FS

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#7 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 years ago

Hi @fsiburian81,

First of all, the used media is certificate, so use this profile for better quality.

Also, comparing two different media is difficult because the results may differ even in the same printer.

Last, to maximize the printing quality and try to achieve similar results you can take some steps to increase the IQ:

  • Make sure the PHs are in a perfect state.

  • Calibrate the alignment.

  • Calibrate the media advance.

  • Use the certificate media profile and print mode.

I hope these recommendations help to increase the printing quality.

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#8 kristib9768 2 years ago

This drove me CRAZY when i bought this printer! There is somewhat of a workaround on some files. you can change the color in the RIP if you the (CMYK/RGB/ETC) and mix it yourself and it will come out perfect. So in Production Mgr - on the color mapping tap - take the dropper and go to the color you want corrected and the use the drop down to change it to RGB/CMYK etc and then print it. you can get this color pretty close from a Nix device. - Also if you save your file as a jpeg it will print it correctly for some reason and print it straight from production manager. (go back to version 12)

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