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HP Latex 360 - Replacing Printhead - Loop never ending

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 damifu 5 years ago

Hi! When I turn on the printer, it says that the Optimizer printhead is not recognized, to just enter it again, i do as it says, basically put on replace printhead, grabed the optimizer printhead, clean it, and put it on again. But after that the process that it runs, I assume, to clean it, when it gets to 99% it just reboots and starts again, and creates a loop of never ending this process the printer does after I put the printhead.

Can anyone know what does it do the printer in this process, so I could understand maybe what may be the issue? Is a sensor working during this process? Thanks!!

#2 paulelw 5 years ago

#1 During this process it is checking connections and checking the condition of the printhead(droplets). Assming by your usage of the term 'reboot' you mean it asks to change the head again and it isn't rebooting the printer(?).

Issue/s can be:

Connections damaged or dirty. Clean and check(flex cables on carriage). Worst case you will need a Technician to change the Carriage Flex Cables or Carriage PCA depending on diagnosis.

Printhead faulty. Try a new or different corresponding printhead and see if it checks and installs correctly. If a different printhead works then claim the faulty one for refund/credit. If different printhead doesn't work then it would be connecting cable or PCA(Unfortunately you would then have 2 working printheads so store one of them properly for later use).

Be careful with optimizer printheads. If you clean them incorrectly with a cloth that has residual inks it will block the head due to the chemical reaction. Dab the head-don't wipe. A new lint free cloth and water is fine to restore printheads. With a new printhead it isn't normally cleaned initially but checked for droplet activity. Since it is clear it is very hard to check by eye so the droplet detector is what is checking for you. A rare occurrence can be a faulty drop detector but that affects all printheads and their condition.

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