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HP Latex 365 w/ HP 64 Cutter - Cutting Alignment

#1 andrewfschmidt7263 4 years ago

So it only happens maybe 10% of our sticker cut jobs. But when we certain sticker files and use the HP Production Manager to create copies, the cutting seems to be progressively off. It starts off maybe 1/8" off center, on the first cut/sticker, then progresses to perfect on the far end of the cuts. Then the next batch of stickers different file completely is perfect the whole time. Then we re-save the original file and try to print/cut again and it happens again progressively from 1/8" off to perfect. We are not sure what the problem is, but it happens on maybe 10% of our sticker prints. Never seems to happen when doing bigger jobs (truck lettering) that aren't using HP Production Manager to make copies.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 4 years ago

Hi @andrewfschmidt7263,

Please make sure to use the latest SAi version. Try to set the “Maximum distance between marks” to 40 cm. This affects the maximum vertical distance between OPOS marks. See the attached picture to help you find this setting.

If you still can’t fix it, I suggest you contact HP Support.

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#3 julian7264 4 years ago

Having the same issue, one job will cut fine and the next will start out ok and then progressively get more and more out of alignment, Very frustrating. last job was 180 stickers and each one for more and more out. Help Please

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#4 andy7978 3 years ago

I also have this issue. Do you guys notice it happens in the horizontal direction only? Not the vertical direction. Also did you find any solution to this issue?

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#5 andy7978 3 years ago

Ok I worked out what the issue might be. I noticed it was only happening on jobs where I aligned the job to the left of the media instead of the right (default) of the media. I think it's a bug in SAi Production Manager.

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