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HP365 stuck on "preparing for ink cartridge replacement"

HP Latex 365 Printer

#1 SCB44 6 years ago

I am running an HP365 with Firmware version: NEXUS_03_12_00.15

I am running Caldera version 11.1 build 170920

I am running nests in Caldera and ran out of Magenta ink. TheHP 365 screen LCD changed to "preparing for ink cartridge replacement" without any user intervention. I changed the Magenta ink and still the machine is stuck on this screen.

I liftede the window to get to get it out of its funk, but still won't stop flashing. I reseated the magenta ink, but still nothing.

There are still nests left to print in Caldera and I suspect the information passing from Caldera to the HP 365 is preventing the HP365 from moving to the next screen.


I aborted the nest in Caldera which was half printed, and the HP365 immediately wnet to the next logocal screen "Change cartridge now" and all was back to normal.

#2 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @SCB44

Slow processing could be due too much data on the HDD or obsolete/damaged Caldera driver.
I would suggest to release some data from there by deleting some unneccessary ICC profiles and downloading and installing the driver again.

Check that the Extended Diagnostic Package is not enabled (through the Embeded Web Server/ Support tab/ Service support), if yes, disable and reboot the printer since too much data is being saved while enabled.

If the issue still persists, then call your HP support service.

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