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Latex 360 tention bar/pick-up reel jam

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 Pawel 8 years ago


I have an issue with setting up pick-up reel.

When pick-up reel is in use during the printing it should pick-up excess of substrate and roll it on to the preinstalled core. This part is working all fine. Problem starts when after the printing and drying are done, pick-up reel should unwind allowing for the substrate to be fed back in to the printer to the starting position-ready for the next print. For some reason it is not doing that and as a result tension bar is forced all the way up until it comes in contact with the frame. This results in the jamming of the substrate.

I have followed exactly instructions in the manual/printer screen/HP videos on the matter and the problem persists.


Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 HP-MarcM 8 years ago

It's weird since the take up reel (TUR) works independently from the printer. I will recommend to check that it works correctly:

1- Unload media

2- Select winding direction

3- Move the dancer bar manually to confirm if it is working as expected.

a) Lower position: Rotates wind

b) Middle position: Doesn’t rotate

c) Upper position: Rotates to unwind

If this doesn't work, I will recommend you to escalate your problem to the support team.

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#3 Pawel 8 years ago

Technician fixed the problem. It was an issue with tension bar mounting (around 1.5 inch movement to the sides) that was either manufacturer fault or person that put the printer together. After adding spacer on the left side of the bar, right end is secured in the correct position and problem is solved.

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#4 HP-MarcM 8 years ago

Thanks for posting the solution!

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#5 ProColorGraphix 8 years ago

I had the same issue with mine, but mine happened because the sensor was broke.

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