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Re: Latex 310 Color Issues

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 Sstef 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. We have a Latex 310. Lately we have had some color issues. Golden yellows print bright yellow. Dark green prints more kelly green and skin tones are very yellow. I just went through all kinds of adjustment on the Flexi RIP software and nothing improved the color. I ran new calibrations and print head alignments. Everything looks good there. I've run out of ideas of how to fix this without havng to try to adjust everything in Photoshop which isn't very practical.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


#2 AdaptiveTextile 6 years ago

It sounds like it could be a possible magenta/light magenta issue.. or just a print head/ink supply issue in general. Did you run the printhead test plot yet? Was everything fine, then just start producing this issue recently? Have you done any maintenance, or hardware changes recenty? Did you update firmware?

I'm uploading a pdf that has a decent amount of info that should hopefully help. Also, try using a different profile in the substrate library that's comparable to yours. Sometimes the media profiles get a little wonky, and you have to create a new one. If you're still having major issues, I'd recommend having a service tech come out.

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#3 Sstef 6 years ago

Thank you for the PDF file.

Ink supplies are good. Print heads were all replaced 4 months ago. Have not done any maintenance or other changes recently. Firmware is up to date. The color issues have been happening for at least 6 months, but I could adjust solid colors. Photographic skin tones are a different story...

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#4 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @Sstef

Since this is an issue of colour accuracy (wrong colours) rather than colour consistency (changing colours), I would suspect that the problem is something related to the RIP rather than something in the printer.


  1. No ICC profile in the RIP
  2. Wrong ICC profile
  3. Something strange in the input file (incorrect source profile)
  4. Incorrect rendering intent. If you are using a certified substrate, I would suggest you to download the preset for that substrate and then update the medias in the RIP, or, failing that, use the closest generic preset.

Also check the settings in the RIP with respect to source profile and rendering intent. Safest thing would be to tell the RIP to honour the source profiles in the input files and to use “Perceptual” as the rendering intent (this should be the default behaviour). In the case that the input files do not have source profiles embedded, check that the RIP has sensible defaults (e.g sRGB (IEC 61966-2.1) for RGB files).

I hope it helps

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#5 aprco 6 years ago

Hi Sonia,

Whenever i read responses like this from HP it's very frustrating. HP knows good and well all their 300 level latex machines have color consistancy issues. that has nothing to do with what you listed. All your firmwares have done nothing to fix this.

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#6 pideas1 6 years ago

I have been having similar issues with printing my grays. It seems like I am getting too much Magenta. My PDF file is set to 70% black but for some reason i'm getting a lot of magenta in my print. See my attached photo to see the discrepancy.

The bottom board was run on a different machine and has the correct gray. The top board was run on the HP Latex 310. I am running a media that is HP latex certified.

Any ideas?

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#7 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @pideas1

I suggest to contact your support service. Since this behavior it might be the root of some defective Print Head.

Please keep us informed

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#8 Iceon 6 years ago

I have to agree with apricot. My 310 just turned the two year old mark. And HP wants to charge $600 to come change a line sensor for the second time. When they installed the machine new it wouldn’t print red. After changing the line sensor motherboard, the belt, and print heads. They gave up and left and I was left to work with a machine that wasn’t right. Me playing with my color library and found that 3m was the closest I could get for a red that would pass. I’ve since had issues with green, brown and now blue. The blue is a real issue being I have none. Blue is purple and every shade of purple for blues.
Now they want me to pay out of pocket for an issue it’s had since new. Hate HP don’t know why I talk myself into this headache when I hated there PC’s forever.

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#9 Iceon 6 years ago

HP sucks so bad aprco spellcheck to apricot sorry for that

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#10 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @Iceon

I am sorry to read this post about your printer and that HP Support were not able to help you and solve the issue.

In order to give you a better experience I will contact you privately. I am sure we can work something out

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#11 Sstef 6 years ago

As a follow up to the issue I posted about months ago, it took a lot of time, material and testing to find out that the LMLC printhead was faulty. It was still in warranty before all the testing, but by the time we were able to establish that it was faulty it was out of warranty. Ordered a replacement. It worked great for a day or two then went bad again. Had to get another printhead. HP was great about replacing the 2 faulty printheads which were still in warranty.

After the second fault we were trying to get a tech out, but our usual tech wasn't able to come out since his company wasn't allowed to work on Latex machines. He did suggest cleaning a sensor right next to the printhead carriage. This sensor is not listed in any HP materials. I cleaned it with a q-tip which came out black. Suddenly everything was working much better.

So, now the cleaning of the sensor is a standard procedure for me along with the other maintence. I am attaching the picture of where the senor is located which the tech sent me. This is for a 310. Not sure if the sensor is located in the same place for other models.

Good luck everyone!

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#12 HP-Sonia 6 years ago

Hello @Iceon

We have been doing the tracking of your case and we have the certainty that US Support Services is acknowledge of your case and they will contact you so you can work together for a solution. From the Latex Knowledge Center Forum we cannot give you the support that you need at the moment but we will be following the case, so please do not hesitate to contact this platform if any other issue arise.

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