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Shadow Lines on print HP Latex 310

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 kjones6468 4 years ago

Hi! We've had some lines that have been showing up in some of our prints. They aren't actually ink lines, it really just looks like a shadow of things that have printed. Sometimes it carries on the shape of something in a negative space. The lines run horizontal on the material. I've cleaned the printheads, checked inks, calibrated the color, and aligned the printheads. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

#2 HP-Sonia 4 years ago

Hello kjones6468

Which media and media profile are you using?

Do you know about the you can find all the profiles for the medias you can use on you HP Latex Printer.

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#3 kjones6468 4 years ago

#2 HP-Sonia We are using Orafol adhesive backed vinyl and the profile that profile that came up when we searched on the printer. It's at 12 pass and 100 Density. We also tried 12 passes at 110 density. I changed the printheads yesterday and it's still the same.

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#4 kjones6468 4 years ago

Here's another example. It starts to get better the further it goes into the print. And it only seems to be on the places where there are straight lines.

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#5 ivoslbg5445 4 years ago

  • Check PH's condition.
  • Take printheads out and clean all gold-plated contacts with ethyl alcohol (over 95%) on PH's and inside the carriage - very carefully (don't touch PH's nozzles).
  • Check OP printhead condition.
  • Print PH's test plot.
  • Align printheads.
  • Shake all ink cartridges with "replace ink cartridge" option.
  • Turn off printer and remove cables for 5 minutes at least. Turn it on again.
  • Check substrate's condition - if there's a lot of humidity around - easy to check - start printing full color image, stop printing the image, wait for printer to cure the substrate, rewind to the end of printing point and start printing again - if image is solid-colored - substrate is condensing over ...

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#6 rodney.hurlbut7425 2 years ago

This is an old post so I wanted to note this in case anyone else comes across this. I discussed this issue with a third level support tech. I was having the same issue. The rubber rollers may be an issue here and need to be cleaned. I also used a paper clip and punched each of the holes in the platen to create the best airflow for the vacuum. There is a lot of gunk build up especially on the left and right side. The 310 is old so this may be the issue.

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