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Uniform Horizontal Banding

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 TWMDetroit 6 years ago

For a few weeks, we've been having an issue with uniform horizontal banding on our prints. The issue seems to appear across all profiles, but only in the first few passes, so in the dark colors. On most profiles, subsequent passes cover up the horizontal banding, so you only see it while it's printing, but on rougher substrates, it's visible in dark blues and grays even after printing.

I have replaced and aligned all the heads. I have cleaned the OMAS.

#2 TWMDetroit 6 years ago

I should have mentioned that this is an HP L360.

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#3 Roy_Kuzmich 6 years ago

I have a client that just experienced something very similar.

Banding appears on the first 5" - 6" at the lead edge of a print then disappears.

Black/Cyan Prinheads are relatively new (300+ mil use and less than 3 months installed)

I have the client running some test prints and diagnostic tests for me, but wanted to get this out there.


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#4 HP-MarcM 6 years ago

Hi Roy,

Did you have any input from the diagnosis test? I can only recommend you to have a look to the pages 112 - 113 from the HP Latex 300 user guide. Also, meanwhile, you can print a little band at the beginning of the plot with the same length as the horizontal banding issue is located in order to avoid the issue on the final plot.

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