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Windows patching

#1 barry15217 11 months ago

Hi, I have 2 * 3600 printers. What does everyone else do regarding Windows patching?



#2 raymondhickss3303015297 10 months ago

Some users prefer to schedule regular maintenance windows during which they manually apply updates to their devices. This allows them to control when updates are installed and minimize disruptions during critical work hours. For organizations or individuals with specific software configurations or critical applications, it may be necessary to test Windows updates before deploying them to all devices. Testing can help identify any compatibility issues or conflicts with existing software.

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#3 barry15217 10 months ago

#2 Do HP provide the updated system images to bring the shipped release (in my case they came with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2016) up to the latest LTSC release (which is 2021)? Its a shame HP do not have available the full IPS software install and tweak guides which would allow me to rebuild the PC with a normal version of Windows10 (and then control the feature updates myself).

In a corporate environment, leaving the PC OS on an old version is a major security risk to the rest of the network - seems odd HP don't address this.

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea 10 months ago

Hi @barry15217,

We use customized Windows ISOs, and in order not to affect the printer's performance, automatic Windows updates are disabled. The IPS team periodically checks the new vulnerabilities that can affect the printer and informs us of the specific Windows updates that need to be installed on the PC.

Depending on the PC model that you have, the procedure to update is different.

If you have the old model RP5810 PC, you can go to Windows settings, updates & security and click on the check for updates button.

If you have the new model Flex Pro-C, the information on how to update the Windows is restricted to the service team. In that case, we recommend you contact your support representative.

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#5 jabaiscaabaisca23759 a month ago

Personally, I've found that establishing a regular patching routine helps keep things on track. I set aside dedicated time to review and apply updates to all my devices, including printers, ensuring they're all up to date and functioning smoothly. As for your specific setup with the 3600 printers, it's essential to stay vigilant with patching to avoid any potential compatibility issues or security vulnerabilities. I'd recommend checking for updates regularly and applying them promptly to keep your printers in tip-top shape. And hey, speaking of Windows, if you ever find yourself in need of a Windows key, I recently stumbled upon Digital Chill Mart .

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