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Adjusting color a little bit on caldera

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 Renz 8 years ago


We did a lot of jobs with backlit film with L360 using caldera.

Normally we use Natura ES690 color profile downloaded from HP media solutions locator. And we are very pleased for it.

Sometimes, we got color differences on 1 or 2 rolls.

On another printer, we can do little adjustment on Caldera's Easy Media.

But for Latex, we can't adjust it because linearizations, ink limit settings are off, only ICC profile is on.

How to adjust for example tweaking the linearization for better color?



#2 HP-MarcM 8 years ago

Hi Renz,

Your request is really similar to this one.

HP Latex 300 Ink Limit

There is also an article in the blog that maight help you:

HP Latex 300 Printer series ink density

Hope this will help you.

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#3 Renz 8 years ago

Hi again Marc,

Sorry for my late reply and thanks for your answers.

What I need is re-adjust linearization curve not change ink limit.

For example, on certain media the middle color tone is yellowish, then I open linearization curve in caldera and lowering a bit on middle of yellow curve. So, when I reprint on same media, the middle color not yellowish.

I understand this wrong kind of way to get good color, but sometimes very useful if I get rush job.

For frontlit media (paper, stickers, vinyl, banner) normally I just re-calibrate the color using printer software, but for backlit media I have no way to solve it.

How to overcome this ?


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#4 HP-MarcM 8 years ago

Hi Renz,

Your method is really interesting, but I'm afraid that although it could work for some media, it is not working with backlit since re-adjusting an existent linearization may fix some issues but cause others. My recommendation is to use an external spectrophotometer in order to create a new ICC profile for your media.

Hope this helps.

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