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Defective LM

#1 doanbc1502 a year ago

Defective LM ink, I just installed HP 335 Latex printer after test printing Everything is good, the colors are nice and sharp, however the colors that use LM color are very easy to peel off to the touch (other colors don't have the same problem) I have tried many pictures , ICC and different color ratios and realized that LM colors need a higher temperature than the machine's setting to dry. (I tried using a hair dryer and the ink didn't come off.) I have set the machine temperature to 116 max, but that doesn't fix the situation. I've tried on both the dedicated Inkjet paper and the material I'm using is Alpha3 Scala for InkJet print. But they all have the same problem. Please see attached photo.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @doanbc1502,

The media used is designed for InkJet, not for Latex. You could try rising the OP to 12.

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#3 doanbc1502 a year ago

--- comment deleted ---

#4 doanbc1502 a year ago

I mistyped the name of the material - Alpha3 Scala for Latex ink - I have attached the manufacturer's catalog and this ICC I also downloaded from the HP website.all other colors are very stable, I only have problems with Light Magenta. i have tried OP from 3 to 12 and more but to no avail. LM color only dries when the temperature is above 150-200 Celsius

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#5 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago

Hi @doanbc1502,

I suggest checking with your service representative for troubleshooting this issue.

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#6 wisebowman543607811728 5 months ago

@iscribble Here is a tip for you. you need to Remove the Cartridge (cartridge) then hold the two ends of the ink cartridge horizontally and gently shake the ends up and down in turn so that the ink can evenly spread. After shaking well put the cartridge back and try to print to check. - Dispose of the old ink and refill the ink with the correct type, then try to print to check

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#7 3 weeks ago

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