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HP-Latex-570 Not holding color

#1 a.cacella a year ago

We have three 570 units and traditionally print 30yds+ of the same continuous pattern or large murals with numerous panels without any color issues. Lately, I have been experiencing color shifts after about 10yds of printing. We had HP help and provide a lot of feedback and even replace the inline spectrometers but I am still noticing the color drift.

Before HP's help, the color drift was massive, from over 3-5 Delta E in just 7-10yds. Since HP's assistance and replacing the line sensors (I'm told this is the spectrometer) the shift is a lot smaller but still noticeable. I recorded a shift of 2.4 Delta E in 25yds yesterday, good but is that the best we can get?

I was told that it wasn't the ICC profile or linearization but I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with the color drift. Also, our RIP is Caldera, not sure if that could be a part of the issue either. Before I go back to HP's tech support I was wondering if anyone had any insight on the matter, anything would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

#2 drew10211 a year ago

Having the same problem. Color slowly shifts during printing. It's subtle enough that you don't notice it until you put the first prints next to the last prints.

Also, sometimes the prints get grainier as they go.

I've recently replaced the cabling and both optimizer heads. II also deleted all the profiles from the Onyx Thrive and reinstalled them.

I cannot trust this printer.

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#3 drew10211 a year ago

Here is an example of my color shift.

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#4 HP Daniela Ciolompea a year ago


I would recommend following the color consistency cookbook that you can find here:

If that is not enough, check also the tiling applications one, that can help achieve better color consistency:

If none of these helps, I suggest contacting your support representative.

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