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John Mark Ltd, the first global customer who purchased the HP Latex 2700 Printer Series

Success Story

Pushing innovation to its limit, so that print service providers can diversify their businesses and expand into growth markets, is a critical endeavor for technology developers. John Mark Ltd has partnered with HP in pursuit of creating the finest digitally printed wallpaper in the world.

Fundamental to the success of John Mark Ltd has been its move to an 'on-demand' print model and harnessing the creative possibilities of the HP Latex 2700's white ink when combined with exotic media.

“We are the largest wallpaper manufacturer in the digital world, and that's something to say about what we've achieved in those 10 years, I really do not believe that I will have got where I'm today without the help of HP, that's an honest truth”, said John Mark Watson, Managing Director at John Mark Ltd.

Settle down for 10 minutes to learn and soak up a dose of inspiration from their story!

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