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PressOn puts HP Latex R Series to work with bold projects

Success Story
HP Daniela Ciolompea 15th of July 2021

PressOn says it has secured several innovative graphics jobs during the uncertain pandemic period - following some spectacular pre-COVID projects - using its HP Latex R Series printer.

Installed in April 2019 and updated to the 2020 edition a few months later, the HP Latex printer has enabled PressOn to meet demands for fast turnaround, exceptional quality, and sustainability.

Founded by Andy Wilson in 2000, Kent-based PressOn has grown steadily thanks to its approach of pursuing new opportunities, investing in the latest technology, and maintaining accountability throughout the customer journey. Like many large format digital printing businesses, PressOn has felt the impact of COVID-related restrictions, but a look back over the past year has revealed some creative and innovative projects for well-known brands.

Andy notes the impact of wallpaper graphics at the offices of HBD Systems - a producer of double-glazing solutions - and PMP Recruitment respectively. HBD Systems' campaign saw the HP Latex machine produce vibrant photographic reproductions of stunning views, while the PMP job involved branding the office space with a bold geometric design inspired by beehives.

Both before and during the pandemic, PressOn worked with historic department store Harrods on a number of projects. These included preparing the Knightsbridge landmark for its reopening in June 2020, which required the removal of 549 linear meters of vinyl window graphics and the installation of new borders, logos, and graphics - and all in under six hours.

The PressOn team installed a new graphic in the same area in 2020, using artwork developed in a joint collaboration between PressOn's artwork team and Harrods' designers.

As to the future, PressOn Managing Director Andy Wilson is looking ahead to more exciting projects as the business continues to recover from the pandemic.

"Much of the work that had been postponed has begun to return," he says. “Working with HP Latex printers for the past twelve years has meant we are able to respond to customer demands for short-turnaround, high-spec work on so many different materials. We expect to do many more of these jobs in the coming months with our range of HP Latex machines”.

"As an added benefit, the HP Latex R Series printer has environmental benefits, such as water-based inks and media recyclability, that the market is increasingly expecting."

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Source: Large Format Review

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